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BGC Environmental Brokerage Services

Corporate Overview - Who are we?

BGC Environmental Brokerage Services is a division of BGC Capital Markets, L.P.  Formerly known as CantorCO2e, L.P., we became BGC Environmental Brokerage Services. L.P. in August 2011 following the acquisition of our North American business by BGC Partners, Inc. (Nasdaq: BGCP), a leading global brokerage company primarily servicing the wholesale financial markets. 

Our roots began in 1992 and since then we have grown to become a leading environmental brokerage company that has brokered numerous trades with a market value exceeding $10 billion.

BGC uniquely offers transaction services to clients engaged in using energy and managing emissions across the world -- a truly integrated approach that is necessary to effectively help preserve our environment.

BGC’s philosophy is that long-term change in the way in which we use energy, and our collective impact on our environment, cannot happen without the involvement of the world’s capital markets – it takes money to finance change.  Of course money alone is not enough, you also need to ensure the environmental integrity of what you are doing, and to do this on a large scale requires organization.  BGC – its staff and its predecessors - has been at the forefront of the development of environmental markets since they were first conceived.  We have given thousands of hours of our time to develop markets that work financially, while maintaining environmental integrity.  We have helped design all of the world’s major environmental trading schemes – we have developed market rules, developed methodologies, advised on standards – and of course we have been instrumental in transferring billions of dollars to environmental projects world-wide.