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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

REC Brokerage and Structured Transactions Services

BGC Partners renewable energy group has over 35 years combined experience brokering and structuring renewable energy transactions across the environmental commodities markets throughout North America and Europe. Our deep seated relationships across the powergen sector encompass all regional and national utilities, competitive retail suppliers, energy developers, financials, and green power marketers. Our team leverages project finance and strategic advisory capabilities to provide superior transactional services and market intelligence to our clients and partners.

US-Compliance Markets

31 U.S. states currently have renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which require load serving entities to procure renewable energy (wind, solar, landfill gas, biomass, etc.). In many states, procurement can take the form of renewable energy credits (RECs) - unbundled electronic credits which represent the environmental benefits associated with generating a unit of renewable energy. RPS legislation varies significantly state to state, region to region, with respect to resource type, location, annual requirements, and penalties. RECs are tracked and transferred to and from entities through regional tracking systems including the NEPOOL GIS, PJM-GATS, M-RETS, TX-GIS, WREGIS, and NARR. Our extensive research database contains a state-by-state summary along with pertinent regulatory and legislative updates to provide clients with comprehensive market intelligence.

North America -Voluntary

Sustainability goals across the corporate and governmental sector as well as an increased customer participation in utility and retail green power programs has spurred development of voluntary (non-compliance) demand for renewable energy products. Distinctly separate from compliance markets, voluntary markets encourage customers to reduce the environmental impact of their electricity use.  Universally recognized standards such as Green-ETM and EcoLogoTM ensure the quality of the environmental credits procured by customers.

North America - Energy Efficiency

23 U.S. states and 7 Canadian provinces have currently implemented various forms of energy efficiency standards and regulations to encourage more efficient generation, transmission, and use of electricity. In the U.S. these standards cover close to two thirds of total electricity demand, and policies vary significantly with respect to efficiency targets, incentives, and cost caps. Electricity savings requirements for utilities may include flexibility to achieve targets through a market-based trading system of energy efficiency (energy ‘saved’) credits generated from distribution system efficiency improvements, combined heat and power (CHP) systems and other high-efficiency distributed generation systems. With our vast network of real-estate customers and partners here at BGC, we are strategically positioned to incorporate energy technology providers to our portfolio of diversified assets.

Strategic Advisory Services

BGC Partners provides strategic advisory services within the renewable energy and sustainability sectors to corporate, government, and private entities. Our services range from providing comprehensive market entry guidance, project advisory addressing the entire development cycle, and tracking system/asset management. Our team leverages our global range, expertise and relationships to deliver meaningful impact to our client’s portfolio operations.

Commodity Auction Services

Volume MatchTM is a proprietary online auction platform within the BGC Customer and Trader system. It is an anonymous auction-style trading system, which provides customers with efficient price discovery, order management and execution in the renewable energy, emission, carbon, and emerging environmental product markets. In some markets Volume MatchTM offers an additional price discovery tool by allowing traders themselves to post two-way prices. With this additional step, the mid-price is established by the market rather than being inputted by the broker. This offers significantly increased price transparency and efficiency of execution in certain markets. Volume Match is deployed using Citrix, and is hosted by BGC Partners.