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BGC Environmental Brokerage Services

What we do:

BGC Environmental Brokerage Services, L.P. is a leading global provider of financial services to the world’s environmental and green energy markets. We offer transaction services, access to finance, advice, and technology to clients across the world.  We:

  • Match buyers and sellers of environmental credits
  • Provide continuous and customized auctions
  • Arrange for forward sales which provide revenues that can be used to finance projects
  • Facilitate hedge strategy execution
  • Clear transactions to minimize performance and delivery risk 
  • Provide environmental credit market analysis
  • Develop CDM and voluntary carbon quantification methodology development
  • Screen projects and conduct feasibility assessments
  • Develop project documentation
  • Coordinate and manage credit approval processes
  • Provide technology advice
  • Contribute to equity investment fund advice
  • Assist in corporate sustainability strategy development 
  • Provide policy consulting
  • Guide the development of integrated greenhouse gas and energy management strategies
  • Assist in the assessment of corporate, organization, and event emissions footprints

Formerly known as CantorCO2e, L.P., we became BGC Environmental Brokerage Services in August 2011 following the acquisition of our North American business by BGC Partners, Inc. (Nasdaq: BGCP), a leading global brokerage company primarily servicing the wholesale financial markets. BGCP has offices in 25 cities around the world.  This global, yet local presence across the world, together with the unique experience of our staff, enables us to provide a level of service that few can match.

BGC helps people across the world to manage the financial aspects of their energy and environmental choices.  In North America and Europe this means providing professional brokerage services to the energy and environmental commodity markets, and elsewhere around the world this means bringing our expertise, money, and technology to projects that reduce emissions.

BGC serves all of the world’s principal emissions markets, including the Kyoto markets (CDM, JI and European emissions trading), the USA compliance markets, and the voluntary carbon market.  We help companies transact via electronic trading screens, recorded telephone lines, auctions and negotiated contracts.  We broker green energy products, advise equity investment funds on carbon finance, introduce investors to projects, and structure forward sales to enable project developers to fund their investments.  We help ‘clean-tech’ technology developers to manage their intellectual property, to develop their licensing strategies, and to roll out their technologies through our global network.  All in all, an integrated set of services to bring environmental commodities to market, and to help our clients manage their energy and environmental risks world-wide. In addition to assisting clients in the marketing, selling and buying of credits, BGC staff possess expertise in protocol development, including the execution of and/or participation in the Clean Development Mechanism.