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Privacy Policy

BGCEBS.com respects our Users’ concerns regarding the collection and use of personally identifiable information collected online. In order to provide a reasonably safe and secure experience, we will use a reasonable standard of care that we would use in protecting our own confidential information in protecting a User’s personally identifiable information.

This Privacy Statement and the Terms and Conditions apply to the use of information submitted to BGCEBS.com through this web site ("Site"). Terms will have the meaning as defined or as defined in the Site’s Terms and Conditions. While we do not believe there should be any conflict between the use of a term here versus its use in the Terms and Conditions; however, if there is a conflict in the use of a term here and its use in the Terms and Conditions, then its use and meaning in the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

User Consent to Privacy Statement
By using the BGCEBS.com Site, you consent to the collection and use of information as described in this Privacy Statement and in accordance with the Site’s Terms and Conditions.

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information
BGCEBS.com requires Users to provide information for registration, communication with our Marketing Partners, and submitting Trade Requests. Information collected includes: contact information, User and Registered Member information, transactional information and additional site use information.

Anything that you transmit to this Site or Information becomes the property of BGCEBS.com may be used by BGCEBS.com for any lawful purpose and is subject to disclosure as deemed appropriate by BGCEBS.com.

BGCEBS.com may collect “Additional Site Use Information” as participants navigate the Site and enter into transactions through the use of “Cookies”. BGCEBS.com uses "Cookies," which are files that your web browser places on your computer's hard drive to assign an identification code to your computer and for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are an industry standard, used by most major web sites. While Cookies identify a particular computer, they do not identify a particular User. BGCEBS.com uses the information collected from Cookies in part to analyze aggregate Site usage, and organize and present the Site accordingly. Other Users, however, may disable the Cookie feature on their browser without affecting their ability to Use the Site. Doing so, however, would eliminate many convenient features of the Site and create more Site complexity and increased data entry requirements. Further, for Users with disabled Cookies, information entered but not submitted will be lost at the end of each session and during the session the User will not be able to use any functions on the Trading Floor of the Site.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information
The Additional Site Use Information is gathered in part: to establish the identity of the company and User; to effect posting of opportunities or related communications and, as a consequence, some of this information may be used for evaluative purposes; to provide future service and support; to better tailor marketing to User needs; and for any business purpose of BGCEBS.com.

Sharing of Personally Identifiable Information
Personally identifiable information, including the contents of and addresses of e- mail, may be shared with our Affiliates and third parties, such as Marketing Partners. In addition, BGCEBS.com may offer some third party services from the Site. If you choose to use these optional services, we will, by necessity, provide some of your personally identifiable information to the Marketing Partners offering such services. You can, of course, avoid having us make such disclosures by choosing not to use these services. Because we do not control the privacy practices of these third parties, you should evaluate their practices before deciding to use their services. A User may be able to opt-out of having such information shared with third parties, except such information may be disclosed by BGCEBS.com in order to be in compliance with all appropriate and applicable regulations and laws for the conduct of the business of BGCEBS.com, and in response to a request or demand for such information made by any governmental entity, including law enforcement agencies of such governmental entity.

No Market Data specifically identifying Registered Users of BGCEBS.com by name will be sold, traded or shared with any third party, including advertisers, organizations or other Users without the consent of the User. However, BGCEBS.com may make available Information about activity on BGCEBS.com using aggregated trading, and transactional, Information that does not include the identities of Registered Users that are parties to the transactions. All such Information, and when consent is obtained the information identifying the User, is the property of BGCEBS.com and BGCEBS.com may be shared, sold, or published or distributed in by any means and in any manner or manner BGCEBS.com may choose.

Collection and Use of Anonymous Information
BGCEBS.com uses Cookies to collect certain information from Users on an anonymous basis. The information collected in this manner includes a User’s site referral information, browsing patterns, sub-domain and technical information (e.g. IP address). One of the uses BGCEBS.com may make of Users’ anonymous information is to improve the Site based on up-to-date Site usage patterns.

Promotional Materials That You Will Receive
You may receive promotional materials from BGCEBS.com and from BGCEBS.com’s Affiliates concerning products and services. BGCEBS.com provides members with the opportunity, however, to opt-out of receiving these promotional materials by contacting our membership administrator at membership@BGCEBS.com.

Updating your Personal Information
BGCEBS.com offers Users who have provided personally identifiable information to BGCEBS.com an opportunity to review the information provided to update or correct any errors. To update personal information previously provided, log in to BGCEBS.com, click on the “Membership” button, and then click on the “Update Registration” navigation.

Linked Internet Sites
The BGCEBS.com Site provides hyperlinks, which are highlighted words or pictures within a hypertext document that when clicked take you to another place within the document, to another document altogether, or to many other web sites. These hyperlink sites may contain privacy provisions that are different from those provided herein. We are not responsible for such provisions, and we expressly disclaim any and all liability related to such provisions.

Amendments to Privacy Statement
BGCEBS.com reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement periodically. Use of information that BGCEBS.com gathers now is subject to the Privacy Statement in effect at the time of the information’s use. Users should check the BGCEBS.com Site periodically for any amendments to the Privacy Statement. If you request, we will notify you by e-mail of any significant changes to the Privacy Statement once these changes are made. (Please go to Contact Us, and select “Privacy Statement Updates”.) Absent a User’s request to receive e-mail notifications of amendments to the Privacy Statement, BGCEBS.com is under no obligation to do so. Your use of the Site following amendments to the Privacy Statement indicates consent of the Privacy Statement as amended.

Questions About This Privacy Statement
Any questions regarding this Privacy Statement should be directed to membership@bgcpartners.com.

Usage of this Site and its Privacy Statement are subject to the terms and conditions for the use of BGCEBS.com.
Posted and :Effective: 1.30 p.m. (GMT time) November 1, 2000