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Moving money to protect the environment has been BGC Environmental Brokerage Services core business since we first delivered emissions trading services in 1992.  The idea behind emissions trading is simple - a regulatory body places a cap on emissions, and emissions trading allows the economy the maximum flexibility in meeting that cap. In this way an agreed emissions goal is reached at minimum economic cost.  This is important because in the real world which we inhabit, politicians don't support measures that can lose them their seat - so affordability AND performance are key requirements to legislation.  Emissions trading delivers environmental improvement and minimizes economic disruption. In this way, we actually achieve more environmental improvements, in a shorter amount of time, and at less cost.

In the US sulphur dioxide (SO2) markets for example (SO2 is a key component of acid rain), emissions have been reduced by over 85%, at an economic cost of around 10% of the cost forecasts that were made when the program began.  Early signs are that carbon emissions trading has the potential to achieve such spectacular results, but on a global scale.

In the beginning BGC was at the heart of emissions trading by guiding legislation and creating liquidity. Now BGC helps to bring the power of the financial markets to protect our environment. Click below for more information about the global, national, regional, and local compliance and voluntary markets that BGC services:


Carbon - Clean Development Mechanism and National Schemes such as USA (Regional Greenhous Gas Initiative and California's Global Warming Solutions Act), Japan, and New Zealand.

USA Compliance

USA Compliance - SO2 Allowances, NOx SIP Call, Clean Air Interstate Rule, RECLAIM, Houston Galveston Mass Emissions Cap and Trade, SCAQMD's Rule 2202, Discrete Emission Reductions, Emission Reduction Credits, and Renewable Energy