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September 11th, 2012

BGC’s eighth annual Charity Day will be held on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Charity Day is a significant event for our company, reflecting our commitment to commemorate those who perished on 9/11 and demonstrating our support to those less fortunate than us through charitable donations. Last year, BGC and Cantor Fitzgerald raised approximately $12 million globally in a single day, all of which was donated to charity.

There are many outstanding charitable organizations we intend to support this year, including:

  • 52nd Street Project
  • Allan Houston Foundation
  • Alliance for Lupus
  • Boomer Esiason Foundation
  • Brad Richards Foundation
  • Building Homes for Heroes
  • Carmelo Anthony Foundation
  • Eli Manning Foundation
  • Felix Organization
  • Foundation for Sight & Sound
  • Garden of Dreams
  • God’s Love We Deliver
  • Hearing Health Foundation
  • John & Patty McEnroe Foundation
  • Solving Kids Cancer
  • St. Christopher’s
  • Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers
  • The Catalog For Giving Of New York City
  • Tony Alt Foundation
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Youth Consultation Services

To learn more about BGC Partners’ Charity Day please click here.


A message to our clients and friends.

On September 11th, we pause to honor those that we lost years ago. We thank you for allowing us to do your business.   One hundred percent of commissions earned on September 11th will be donated to charity.

BGC, Cantor Fitzgerald, TradeSpark, eSpeed, CO2e.com… all of us experienced a sad day on September 11, 2001. Many of our long time colleagues and friends were lost on that day.

Listed among the lost are:

  • Carlton Bartels
  • Jude Moussa
  • Rob Noonan
  • Teddy Maloney
  • Josh Piver
  • Tony Gallagher
  • Ralph Mercurio
  • Ed Murphy
  • Adam White
  • John Willett

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They were your brokers, your colleagues, your friends. They were also fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons. They greeted you in the morning, ran through the markets with you, got to know you. In between the numbers, you found out about their lives, their passions, their families. They got to know you, your interests, your kids, your wives, your husbands, and companions.

Yes, you surely got business done. Some of the best deals… some ingenious structured trades… and countless plain vanilla deals that helped you balance your books. They dealt with you with integrity, honesty, and commitment. And you always got the color that helped you understand and then act on the market. And sometimes you got color of a different sort -- color that made you laugh.

To Carlton, Jude, Adam, Josh, Tony, Ralph, John, Ed, Teddy, and Rob you were more than the next deal. To them, you became friends -- comrades in arms fighting for common-sense emissions trading policies and programs. They were fellow adventurers bringing emissions trading to emerging market economies in former Soviet bloc countries, China, South America, and places in between. At times, they seemed to be modern day Don Quixotes, tilting at seemingly immovable interests standing square in the way of the application of market based mechanisms to address our local, national, and global environmental problems. But during their far-too-short careers, those policy wind mills moved. First, locally with the new source review program. Then nationally with the acid rain program. Next came, RECLAIM, OTC NOx, weather, and CO2.

Carlton, Jude, Adam, Josh, Tony, Ralph, John, Ed, Teddy, and Rob… they each, in their own way, working with each of you, changed the world for the better. And now… Carlton, Jude, Adam, Josh, Tony, Ralph, John, Ed, Teddy, Rob… all of them are gone.

As we at BGC, Cantor Fitzgerald, and eSpeed pause to remember our friends, we ask you to take some time to do the same. Remember their smiles. Remember their morning greetings. Remember their integrity. Remember their spirit. Remember their honesty. Remember their friendship. Then, may we humbly suggest, take just a few of their characteristics and make them a part of you.

Carlton, Jude, Adam, Josh, Tony, Ralph, John, Ed, Teddy, Rob… we thank you for spending time with us, although it was far too brief. We’ll carry you inside of us as we work to grow this business and make the world a better place. And when we go home to our loved ones, we’ll hug them a little longer, a little closer, a little tighter… knowing that you are there with us.

In Memory... here are some photos of our missing colleagues.

Carlton Bartels

Jude Moussa

Josh Piver

Teddy Maloney

Adam White
VP, Technology

John Willet

Rob Noonan

Ed Murphy
Managing Director
Cantor Fitzgerald

Carlton Bartels

Tony Gallagher

Adam White

Jude Moussa

Josh Piver

Carlton Bartels

Thank you