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TZ1 Appointed as Global Registry Partner for Social Carbon Credits

Sydney, Australia 30 October 2008 - Environmental markets infrastructure provider TZ1 has been selected as the global registry provider for Social Carbon credits. Social Carbon is a methodology developed by the Brazilian NGO Ecológica Institute (www.ecologica.org.br).

The Social Carbon methodology uses a set of analytical tools that assess the social, environmental and economic condition of communities affected by carbon emissions reducing projects, and demonstrates the project’s contribution to sustainable development through continuous monitoring. The methodology is also unique in that it is the only one of the commonly used carbon standards which was developed South of the equator.

A key element of Social Carbon is the active participation of the communities and stakeholders involved, taking account of the full potential of human and natural resources to help give projects stability and reduce risks. Applied every year of a project’s life, it confirms on an ongoing basis that project objectives are met and any problem areas identified. This makes Social Carbon projects unique. Social Carbon credits will be registered as Voluntary Carbon Standard credits (VCUs), thereby confirming that these sustainable reductions comply with global carbon standards.

Given its uniqueness as the only truly global carbon registry TZ1 has been appointed as the Registry provider for the issuance and management of these Social Carbon credits.
“Quality and care are paramount to Social Carbon; we were extremely careful and diligent in our selection of the TZ1 registry, to ensure that our core values are upheld,” said Stefano Merlin, President of the Ecologica Institute. “The TZ1 Registry offers excellence and robustness, and an import interconnectivity to the financial markets through a secure on-line service,” concluded Mr. Merlin.

“TZ1 is honored to be chosen to play such a significant role in bringing quality carbon assets to the world, and to ensure authenticity and viability to the Social Carbon methodology,” said Helen Robinson, Chief Executive, TZ1 Registry.
The TZ1 Social Carbon Registry will list Social Carbon Voluntary Carbon Units as of today , 30 October 2008. These will be available on-line for viewing on www.socialcarbonregistry.com or by accessing www.socialcarbon.org and TZ1 www.tz1market.com.

About TZ1
TZ1 Limited is a pre-eminent environmental commodities markets infrastructure provider. As the global trend in managing environmental assets moves towards price-based mechanisms, a robust registry is an essential tool to provide transparency and credibility. Only credible and robust financial infrastructure (with inherent flexibility) will best serve this new marketplace. A core part of the TZ1 business is its Registry service, providing critical market capability and giving the necessary comfort to project developers, buyers and the increasingly important investors in these emerging markets. For more information: http://tz1market.com

About the Ecologica Institute
Founded in 2000, the Ecologica Institute is a Civil Society of Public Interest Organization (OSCIP) that has the mission to reduce the effects of climatic changes, through scientific research activities; conservation, environmental preservation, and sustainable development support to communities. With its head office in Palmas (TO), it has representation offices in São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Brasília (DF).

Currently, the Ecologica Institute priority actions are concentrated on the area around Bananal Island, in the southwest region of the Tocantins State, known as Cantão. In this region three important ecosystems unite - The Amazon, Pantanal and Cerrado, and for this reason, it was strategically chosen by the IE to develop its climatic change projects. The exuberant natural beauty and the wealth of the local biodiversity, constantly threatened by climate change effects, also provoke reflexes in the life of the local communities. Over the past seven years, this scenario has been the backcloth to countless scientific research and socio-environmental initiatives recognized world-wide.

In the field of Climatic Changes, the Ecologica Institute performance is highlighted in its pioneering conception and execution of the first Brazilian carbon sequestration project, on Bananal Island, with the innovation of guaranteeing the communities' involvement in the initiative. This work resulted in the creation of the Social Carbon methodology, the challenge of which is to transform the sustainable development goals into a reality, by means of actions that encourage the community development and socio-commercial responsibility.

The up-take of Social Carbon as an ethical basis for project development has rapidly grown across Latin America the USA and Europe. The current list of projects includes the transition from non-renewable biomass as a fuel source to renewable biomass sources, reforestation, energy efficiency, landfill and small-scale hydro-electricity. For more information please visit www.socialcarbon.org

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